• Swamp Hag Rising Animated


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Animated Swamp Hag comes with a soft PVC head with a moving mouth and light up eyes, tattered costume with gauze details and blow molded hands

Recommended for indoor or covered porch use only

Functions include Steady-On, Try-Me, and Sensor modes

I'm veeerry happy you come. 2. You see these slimy toads and slitherin' snakes gatherin' roun' yo feet They's the fools b'fore ye that wannered in my lair, and I done put d'em unner mah spell. 3. Now look inna mah milky white eyes and tell m'when YOU feela croak comin' on! Ehh heh heh heh hehh

She has 3 rotating sounds 1. Who d'at gone'n disturb'd mah slumber ...Ohh weh-heh-hell now it aint no thang...t'aint no thang a'tall

Sturdy metal frame has the rising mechanism attached

The prop starts at a 40 height with the head down and the arms folded into the chest, then as she rises up to 60 , her head lifts, eyes light up, mouth moves, and arms open out to the side

This item could be used with a fog machine to give a creepy effect not included

UL adapter and an infrared sensor with a Step Here pad option is included